By using this website, you agree to the terms set out below for its use. Please read them carefully. Everywhere below the words “ARA Broker”, “Broker” or “Team” means “ARA Broker” Ltd.

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to regulate the relationship between “ARA Broker” Ltd. and users who, by using the site in real time, contract an ARA Broker via electronic order, as an insurance broker, to conclude on their behalf an insurance contract to insure their interests against remuneration, which is included in the insurance premium and is owed by the insurer.


ARA Broker registered as an independent insurance broker with a decision of the Financial Supervision Commission, with a certificate№ 28-ЗБfrom 08.01.2008.
The office for carrying out the activity is located in Sofia, Mladost 4, bl. 459, floor 1, office 2. Contact phone 02 877 21 07 and email:, the manager of the company is Alexander Valchev.
Exercise control Financial Supervision Commission with address: Sofia, 16 Budapest St.


The insurance broker offers a full range of insurance products on the Bulgarian market. Insurance offers include car insurance, property insurance, life insurance, liability, and more. The insurance can be taken out either at the office of the insurance broker or by requesting the site Upon receipt of the request, our representative will contact you to specify the parameters of the insurance contract and the same will be sent to you electronically and in paper by mail.
Payment can be made: at the broker’s office, by bank transfer, cash on delivery, by card.


General provisions

  •  The rules for filing and handling complaints by users of insurance services and consumer organizations define the organization for handling complaints: filing, processing and responding to complaints (complaints) of users, in accordance with Article 290, paragraph 1 of the CC.
  • The purpose of the Rules is to organize the process of managing complaints (complaints) of users of insurance services in a fair, effective and appropriate manner..
  • General:

Complaint (complaint) – a written request made by a User or consumer organization to an insurance broker, in which the User states that his rights or legitimate interests related to the insurance services provided by the Broker or the concluded contracts have been violated, and requests that its requirements be met.

Handling Complaints (Complaints) – The activities of Broker employees, including accepting and registering complaints (complaints), handling and defining the problem, preparing a response and providing it to the Service User.

Complaint Register (Complaints) – a log that records all complaints (complaints) of the User, received directly from the User, at the Broker’s address, by post, e-mail or other electronic means.

Reply – Written answer to the questions and / or requests of the User provided within the term specified in the Insurance Code.
Complaints (complaints)

The user can file a complaint (complaint) in the following ways:

  • at the office of ARA Broker EOOD, Sofia Mladost 4, bl.459, ent. 1, floor 1, office 2, completing the complaint (complaint) and submitting it to an employee;
  • by sending a letter by post to: Sofia Mladost 4, bl.459, ent. 1, floor 1, office 2
  • by sending an email to the broker:
  • by filling in an application form in the Broker’s online service system:;

Complaint handling (complaints)

  • The complaint (complaint) of the Service User shall be processed in accordance with Art. 290, paragraph 2 of the Insurance Code,
  • All incoming complaints are registered with the entry number (electronic) of the complaints (complaints).

We will respond to you within one month of submitting your complaint. If the answer to your complaint is not satisfactory, you can contact the Deputy Chairman of FSC, Head of Insurance Supervision Department